Covid Precations

A sincere request from all Clients:
I recognise and share the concern of all clients about the severity of impact about COVID-19 . I acknowledge that you are all doing your absolute best to help support the government rules and the NHS.
My role in this! I am doing my level best to continue supporting all my valuable clients, For this reason, I would like you to be aware of the symptoms of covid-19 virus as part of the rules.

Please read some of the symptom listed below:

Do you have a high temperature?
Have you had the recent consent of a new continuous cough?
Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell.

If you feel unwell or suffer from any of these symptoms on the day of your session, Please notify me immediately.
You will be asked to reschedule appointment to help avoid an infection to other members.

Symptoms including covid-19! Should this occur, I will act by closing the service for up to the requirement period (14 days).
I will then contact any client who may be scheduled to attend this service during that time.

A polite request to all clients, Please understand the protocol for the track and trace system.

Both myself and all other members of these premises are doing all that is required to control the risk of infection and provide a secure environment to protect everyone.
It is crucial that you are aware of the risk involved and acknowledge you have given consent to receive a massage treatment from myself.
Therefore, under no circumstances, will Tranquil Massage Therapy be liable, should a client develop symptoms of covid -19.

It is important that clients to keep to their appointment time.
All clients are kindly asked to bring a face mask for your own use while in the premises and throughout the treatment.

You will be asked to sign a safety consent form. During this difficult time.

It is also my duty to meet all requirement on PPE are carried out.
All equipment will be sanitised after used and in between clients.
This includes disposal of couch protection materials and table /couch covers and towels etc.

Ventilation: windows will be kept open for air flow; this is to help minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
There will be an interval between each appointment to allow time to thoroughly sanitise the area in use.
Personally, I will sanitise my hands, elbows, visor etc before and after each treatment.
I will, at all times, wear the requirement PPE including a visor and /or face mask.

On arrival, please wait in your car or waiting area at the agreed waiting point and I will collect you.
This will allow us to ensure we comply with current social distancing regulations.